Four sizes available

Designed to be included within fixed or long-lasting installations, the UDX Series includes four different models. Each UDX system can also be used in touring applications, fitted with optional accessories to make its implementation easier and/or as a stage monitor.

A peerless heart

The heart of every UDX Series system is its coaxial neodymium transducer, combining the features of the best cone speakers and compression drivers into a one-piece, point source solution. Each transducer is specifically designed in accordance with the highest technical standards, resulting in uniform angular coverage and high acoustical load, optimized to reduce all forms of distortion and coloration, at all input levels.

The UDX 8 and UDX 10 systems host a coaxial driver with 8-inch, or 10-inch respectively, woofer and 1-inch tweeter with compression driver. The UDX 12 and UDX 15 systems host a coaxial driver with 12-inch, or 15-inch respectively, woofer and 2-inch tweeter with compression driver. Each of the new UDX Series speakers integrate perfectly with the Amadeus ML 15 and ML 18 subwoofer systems.

Over thirty standard color combinations available

Initially available in a highly resistant black (water-soluble) paint finish, the UDX systems are also available in different standard colors. Every UDX Series speaker can be ordered in a made to measure finish, based on registered or non-registered colors and/or materials. To offer more possibilities, the cabinet and the acoustical fabric covering the front grill can each have a different color.

Compatible with König & Meyer fixation systems

Each speaker system is equipped with two threaded inserts (M8) on its bottom side, allowing the addition of optional screw-on adapters developed by Konig & Meyer. The UDX systems can then be directly placed on a standardized speaker stand, or on a pole placed on a subwoofer, such as the Amadeus ML 12ML 15 or ML 18 subwoofer systems, which are equipped with a threaded insert M20 on its top side.

The sides and the upper, lower and rear panels of the UDX Series systems are all equipped with M8-threaded inserts, compatible with U-Brackets developed by Amadeus, and speaker wall mounts, developed by Konig & Meyer, allowing the speakers to easily attach to a wall or a ceiling.

The best components throughout the speaker Lifetime

Use the best components is unavailing if their properties cannot be preserved over the years. All the components used throughout the Amadeus passive filters are encapsuled, using unbreakable resins, specifically designed for resistance to shocks, vibrations, electromagnetic radiations and corrosive agents.

Standard presets available

Designed to compensate the influence of « free field » conditions when the systems are used in a standalone way, or to compensate, among others, the natural effects of floor loading, when the systems are used as a stage monitor speakers, these standard presets are compatible with all well-known digital crossovers.